Download WebsiteBaker

Download WebsiteBaker

Since shortly after the publication of the new 2.8.4 still a critical error occured, the version was recalled at short notice again for a few days.
In the meantime, is here temporarily the last, released version 2.8.3SP1 available. We worked as quickly as possible to re-release the 2.8.4.

With the offered  WB 2.8.4 Check below you can try to check your webspace in advance on the suitability to operate of the 2.8.4.

Here you can download the latest release as a zip or tar.gz package.

Caution: It is normal that after the publication of a version, in daily use again and again minor bugs or security holes and the like are discovered. Of course, we resolve them as quickly as possible.

By downloading you agree to the terms of GPL. You can read more about the WebsiteBaker license by clicking here.


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The latest fix download section

Here you can download the latest fixes. Once enough fixes are in place, they are grouped into service packs, and included in the normal download area. 

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